Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Halloween items

I've decided to make a few Halloween pillow case covers. They should be cute. One for a standard size pillow and the other to cover a 16x16 form.
After I finished the jack-o'lantern pillow case, I thought I had made it left-handed. I looked at the opening and decided I had put it on the wrong side, but then I looked closer. In one of my better moments, I put both sides of the fabric facing up so either way you turn it, it will be right side up. Which incidentally made it right handed, too.
Sometimes as a "lefty" I do things backwards and it takes me a while to figure out how I managed to do it. Or, I can't figure out how to do something at all because it's so awkward. I think sewing machines are right handed. Has anyone come up with a left-handed sewing machine? That would be awesome. Most of the time I just put the fabric in the wrong way so I have too much of it bunched up in the closed end. Oopsie. It all seems to work out ok in the end.
I'll be taking photos of my lovely pillow cases tomorrow and hopefully I'll remember to post them here.

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