Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Diaper Caddy

In honor of my dear friend Sheri, I am posting this photo of 11 attempts at a prototype for a diaper caddy. Some have pockets, some even have handles, but none of them is quite right. And I must say, I don't think the prototype has improved as I've made more. What do you think?

I used a variety of patterns I found online and sort of adapted them to what I was going for.

I think I'm going to try somethine more like this:

But I must admit, I'd close to giving up since Sheri showed me this adorable "pocket caddy" from Garnet Hill for a mere $38 dollars.

So far, at least I have lots of new storage for all my fabrics and notions and other little dodads that would otherwise get lost, stepped on or eaten by my dog.

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